Whenever President Barack Obama was elected the 44th president November eighth 2008 last year, the world witnessed an historic victory with the first ever elected African-American president. The implications of the victory gave inspiration and restored hope to millions of Americans who felt they were oppressed by previous regimes. Obama is the consummate leader; calm cool and exuding an internal confidence and self-belief that has fascinated audiences not only in America but world- wide.

President Obama is a great sort of a success story and inspiration to get millions of people everywhere that in a moments of global recession anything is possible. However the recession has also brought some stark revelations and realities. We can no longer depend on job security, banks or even welfare systems to bail all of us out of our comfort zones and the future lies in people’s ability to become self-sufficient and learn to control their own life by learning to be proactive and generate an income that is not dependent on other sources. Operating your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is a classical example of this.

Whenever we examine our early history, we are going to discover that early America was founded by a large group of ambitious people who had been entrepreneurs and they cultivated and constructed the prosperous nation today with their skills, education and driving aspirations to succeed. There was no welfare program then so their decision to succeed was a matter of survival. They became experts in their respective areas of industry and commerce and today’s generation is testimony to their efforts and hard labor.
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Whilst there are glimmers of hope being advertised in the media, top earners and producers in business claim that recession is not going to end for the foreseeable future and people like Mike Dillard and Aaron Parkinson have urged people that we must learn from our ancestors and become entrepreneurs because that is the only recipe intended for future success in our lives and I concur with this theory.

There are no more excuses for the will to succeed. President Obama is testimony to that truth and now people cannot preach about oppression anymore because there are no more barriers for those who are willing to change their lifestyles and excuses can only be converted as laziness. The good news is there are possibilities for those who are willing for change in their lives and with the emergence of more and more entrepreneurs, you can be part of the solution not the problem. My philosophy is simple, be grateful for your existence, enjoy life, attract people throughout your enthusiasm and follow up on your commitment to succeed.

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