Constantly seem to remember where I found this web site but Major Geeks has been extremely useful to me over the past year or so. I’ve had numerous problems with my pc and this site has helped me from all of those occasions.

If you haven’t clicked on the link already, Major Geeks is a site that hosts downloads which allow you to tweak and help clear up your computer. For those of you that have read through my guide on spyware then you will already know that there is a lot of crap available and it can be a right pain to eliminate. Also, as your computer gets older, this slows down a lot. Major Geeks intends to help you cure these problems and much more by the files that they offer.

Right now, I’ve suggested this site to people that have had problems with their computer but they immediately get turned off because the appear of the site is a bit ‘dodgy’ or even it ‘seems a bit suspicious’. I actually admit that it isn’t the best colour pallette out there but I bet that it saves them a lot of money since they don’t have to upload as many images as state Gamespot or IGN. The colours reflect the army-like name with all the greens and browns.

On the homepage, you have a list to the various sections of the site down the left, links in order to useful parts of the site on your left as well as other useful links at the top. In the center of the page, you have the latest content that has been uploaded to the site which includes downloads, news, reviews of PERSONAL COMPUTER parts and some weird news they like to add to the site which I can come back to later. This is extremely user friendly and you also have the search box slightly below the main menu if you want to find something quickly.

Some examples of the content which they offer are items such as the latest anti-virus updates for Norton along with other companies. Programs such as Google Planet and Celestia which you can download for fun. Paint. Net for those of you that want to produce graphics for free and BitComet for your people that want an excellent torrent plan. Like I said, these are only a few examples and you can choose between freeware applications which are free to use and download or shareware programs which you have to pay to use.
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You might be thinking, “How will i know that the files offered by this web site are safe to use? ” Answer: You don’t but Major Geeks test every program that they put on their website to get spyware and viruses and they advise that you also scan the programs with your own anti-virus and spyware programs too.

As for the other parts of the website, you have a forum full of people who know what they’re talking about. Topics range from problems with your internet to help on how to get the best out of the computer. These forums are probably major places you should go to should some thing happen to your computer that you have no idea the best way to fix. The forum also has its Arcade which you need to register to make use of but is an easy way to waste 20-30 minutes.

Major Geeks also have their own merchandise should you want to support the website and show your friends that there’s more for you than they think.

My favourite portion of the site is the ‘Way Off Base’ news that they have. This holds all the weird news that users have submitted to the site over the years and most of it is defnitely worth looking at. Some will make you wonder how that thing could’ve happened, giggle until your sides hurt or even could just be some video of Ronaldinho showing off his football skills. For instance , this piece of news made me personally wonder how on earth that could’ve happened and it did provide a bit of light reading for me. It’s all of very interesting stuff.

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