My mom gave me a plaque the other day that is perfect. It says:

“One footwear can change your life, “~Cinderella

Love this quote!

Cinderella was a hard operating chick, kicked down much of her life with dreams of meeting prince charming. Once she tried on a shoe, her life blossomed plus her dreams began to come true.

All of us are very much like Cinderella: working hard in everyday routine with dreams of something more. Rather than being “like” Cinderella, you must push through life and strive for “becoming” Cinderella. Cinderella had no outstanding qualities or credentials. No degree.
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Her family was dysfunctional. Simply by today’s standards, Cinderella was in quite an abusive relationship from her step sisters.

Now simply finding a prince charming will not make all your dreams come true. Though continuing in order to persevere, keep your belief in yourself and keep trying on those shoes, will bring you toward becoming Cinderella.

My goal has not been to find my knight in shining armor charming. Though for the first time in my existence I do feel like a princess: cared for, respected, appreciated.

Every day make your own intention to have the day the best possible, do what is right for others and have fun….. lots of fun.

5 yrs ago I was completely lost and damaged. Looking at how far I have come is usually stunning and exciting to imagine what will be accomplished in the future.

If you are striving in some way in your life, you are just one motion away from triumph.

Stay strong.

Rely on yourself.

Success is right before you.

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