Consume Your Way to Improved Sexual Performance

Food is part of our everyday life, have you ever thought about the benefits of food in our sexual lives? There are common foods clinically proven to aid in all things sexual. These foods can be eaten by you alone or even shared as a romantic and erotic connection between you and your partner. Here are some great informative hints on some great foods to boost your sex life!

Citrus Fresh fruits: Citrus fruits have been known for their particular health benefits for many years. Citrus can be used because of its Vitamin C compounds to build your defense mechanisms or something as simple as bone tissue strength. Citrus fruits are also great for sweetening the taste of a person or your partner’s ejaculation in the event you prefer oral sex without waste. Citrus fruits also provide healthy sexual functionality for men and woman thru compounds such as Vitamin C, Folic Acidity and Antioxidants.

Avocados: This great food is packed with great nutrients to include aiding in healthy blood flow. Healthy blood circulation is important in everyday life for the safety of our heart and very important within our sex life for proper function in our sexual organs. Avocados have been employed for many years and throughout history actually taking on the name by Aztecs known as ” testicals” for their striking resemblance to a mans testicles. They are great by themselves or made into a drop for chips or even sliced plus sauteed in butter.

Strawberries: This can be a very sweet fruit that is both healthy for you in daily life and sexually. This fruit can be enjoyed sliced or eaten regular. If you want to make use of this fruit as a tool of erotica you can dip it into delicious chocolate and enjoy with your partner in thrilling creative ways. Strawberries yield an extremely high amount of Vitamin B and Folic Acid in which helps to raise the male sperm count and prevent birth defects within woman. Strawberries are inexpensive yet only found in season.

Almonds: Found in foods everywhere today these nut products are called the Miracle Nut! These are known to heal many illnesses and create a great and healthy immune system.
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Apart from daily benefits almonds have excellent sexual benefits. Why, you request? ZINC and Vitamin E aid in a healthy libido. Almonds are the Passion Meals as they are known to cause a boost in arousal. Almonds can be found in raw nut form, candy, and even whole milk made from almonds. Almonds have a really nutty flavor and may be a good acquired taste. The benefits are outstanding from this miracle nut!.

Seafood: Final but certainly not least we have seafood. Although this food does not constantly smell tasty it does have some excellent benefits to it. These benefits originate from the ZINC which boost libido and arousal and Omega several which promotes healthy hearts. Great blood flow leads to a healthy sex life.

These foods are essential to daily living and the sex benefits are even more amazing. Discover for yourself!

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