Avascular Necrosis – Treatment Options With Come Cells

Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the femoral mind is a progressive, crippling syndrome that no widely accepted treatment is available. It has a world wide incidence. It is associated with a variety of both traumatic plus non-traumatic conditions and disorders and may develop at any age.
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The diagnosis may be difficult to make, and is regularly missed in its early stages.

Because a big portion of those affected with AVN are young adults, and in 50% each hips are affected, Hip substitutes are not necessarily the answer. Hip substitutes are done in those advanced cases where secondary hip arthritis offers set in. Hip replacements & resurfacing are a sub optimal solution for the young patients.

When the disease is definitely detected early by MRI tests, it is possible in India now to execute a biological treatment. In fact a natural treatment option of early disease is a medical necessity and must be the treating choice whenever possible.

A novel method of this condition is being mooted by a top Orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, Indian. This is by means of stem cells. Stem cells have the potential to regenerate any tissue. In this case, bone forming stem cells are utilized to synthesize new bone over the dead bone. Stem cells are harvested in the pelvis of the patient.

There are 2 techniques being promoted. One is a three stage procedure and the some other is a single stage procedure. Both procedures are done in India, implying that you will save thousands of dollars in therapy costs.

The first method is by come cell culture in the lab to multiply the number of cells several million fold. These cultured stem tissue are reinjected into a previous primary decompression site.

In the second technique, bone marrow obtained from the pelvis is centrifuged in the operating space to yield a Bone marrow concentrate rich in stem cells. They are injected into a core decompression web site.

A paper presented at the latest American academy of surgeons fulfill in New Orleans highlighted the success story of stem tissues.

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