Male organ Weights – How Do Penis Dumbbells Work?

There are two know methods in the operation done on the penis to improve its length and girth. Penis weights are used in the method that does not require injection of fat cells to the male member. With the use of these implements, the penis increases in size, but is only limited to up to an inch of enhancement. However, this improvement is quite significant since it still enhances the male member. To know more about the way these things work, here are a few information that you may find useful:

• First of all, the penis undergoes an initial operation in which the surgeon detaches the ligaments that constrain the extension of the penis. This will enable to allow the penis to stretch further without restraint.

• After the primary surgery, penis weights (also known as stretchers or enhancers) are used to “pull” the muscles of the male member. Keep in mind that these stretchers depend on the pull of gravity to make it function. When using these enhancers, you must let the weights dangle freely so it may be able to have a full effect on the male member.

• Likewise, since these enhancers function the way typical “weights” like those found in the gym do, these stretchers not only lengthen but also improve the girth of the penis. As you may know from weight trainers, the use of weights are for toning and building muscles, just like the way you would to train your triceps and biceps.

• As a result, the penis becomes enhanced by the penis weights because these implements tend to apply a “force” on your male member that makes the muscles grow rigid and toned. When the penis is trained with these weights, the muscles tend to tear a little, and therefore cause in the regeneration of new cells that will build the muscles and make it whole again. The continuous tearing and regeneration of these muscles is what causes the penis to grow in size.

• Consequentially, the use of these stretchers depends on the application it is used for. As in the weights for lifting, the effect of these weights will only be observed when it is used regularly. Your surgeon might give you a schedule and the proper techniques in making use of the weights so you can ensure better results.

With these details, you must keep in mind that the process of penis enlargement should be done with the proper supervision of a professional doctor. There might be medications that your surgeon would give you in order for the whole process to be successful. For you to be able to avoid complications, you must make sure that you are following the proper methods as prescribed by your doctor. Your discipline in following the schedules and the prescriptions is the primary key to making this endeavor a success.
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Make sure that in anything you do, you consult your doctor first and seek for medical advice especially when you observe some odd things happening to you such that complications may be prevented.

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