Treating Male Impotence With Generic Drugs

What are generic drugs? What generic drugs are used as impotence treatments?

Impotence is the inability of a man to achieve an erection and maintain it long enough to have a sexual intercourse. Since this is a sexual dysfunction that affects millions of men all over the World, many pharmaceutical companies have spent million of dollars on the development of effective synthetic impotence drugs.

This lead to the production of the brand name drugs Viagra in 1998 and Levitra and Cialis five years later. The three are the most widely-known and sold impotence drugs today.

Drugs that have exactly the same active chemical components, are as safe, work as quickly, and are subject to the same approval process, but cannot be sold under the same brand names are known as generic drugs, or in this particular case generic impotence drugs.

How do generic impotence drugs work?

Since the generic impotence drugs have the same active chemicals as the brand-name drugs, they work in exactly the same way.

The most popular are the so called PDE-5 inhibitors which “block” the PDE-5 enzyme. This is the enzyme that breaks down the chemical known as cGMP, which is responsible for the relaxation of the soft muscles of the penile arteries.

Once the PDE-5 enzyme is “blocked” the levels of cGMP rise, the soft muscles, found in the penile arteries’ walls relax, and this leads to better blood flow to the penis and easier to achieve erection.

On a personal level, all these drugs do not lead to an “automatic” erection – an erection is only obtained in a natural way, after sexual stimulation.

Do the generic drugs have unwanted side effects?

Almost all synthetic drugs have side effects and the generic impotence drugs are no different. Their side effects are, again, the same as the side effects caused by their brand-name counterparts.

When it comes to synthetic impotence drugs, you should know that they are well-received by almost 97% of the men that are taking them.

In rare cases mild side effects as nausea, headache, stomach ache, and other symptoms can be experienced and severe side effects have been reported only by few men, most of them with pre-existing medical conditions.
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Why should one buy generic impotence drugs?

This is one very commonly asked question – why buy generic drugs if you can purchase the brand-name pills? After all, they are backed-up by some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the World?

The answer is quite simple – you are buying the same drug under a different name for the fraction of the price. In some cases generic drugs cost only 10% of what the brand-name pills are sold for.

Most of these pills are taken on an “as needed” basis, but for a man that keeps taking them for years this will result in the saving of thousands of dollars.

The price difference has nothing to do with the quality of the drugs – they are cheaper because the companies that manufacture them did not have to incur the costs associated with the research, clinical trials, development and massive marketing campaigns of a new drug.

Remember – generic drugs are NOT cheap imitation, they are pharmaceutical products that have to comply with the very same high-standards as all other drugs and work extremely well!

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