PYP, MYP, DP – The Three International Baccalaureate (IB) Programs

IB offers three programs which are designed for students between the ages of 3-19. The main purpose of these programs is to help students develop the necessary skills related to intellect, personality and social skills which are imperative in today’s’ fast-paced world. Currently, the IB is working in close to 2500 schools on 132 countries to offer these three programs.

An Overview of the IB programs:

Primary Years program [PYP]: Designed for students between the ages of 3 to 12, PYP emphasizes on a holistic growth of the child during his/her development years. The program seeks to create an engaging and challenging educational framework for children. Five essential elements which are a part of this curriculum are Concepts, Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Action. As a part of student assessment, teachers will conceptualize a method which suits the learning outcomes which are meant to be measured.
Middle Years program [MYP]: This program is designed for students between the ages of 11-16 years. Being a critical phase in most students’ lives, this age requires a program which can help students develop the knowledge and skills which are essential to be a part of the challenging times. The program focuses on five areas of interaction which are Approaches to learning, Community and Service, Human Ingenuity, Environment and Health & Social education. Apart from continuous assessment by the teachers, MYP offers a model of assessment which determines the student’s results by comparing their performance against set standards.
Diploma program: This program is aimed at students between the ages of 16 and 19. The program includes six subject groups with three core parts [Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge & Creativity, Action and Service]. Students are assessed internally [by teachers through oral exercises, presentations and performances] and externally [through extended essays, world literature assignment for language A1 among others]
Only schools which have been authorized by the IB can offer these programs. A list of IB schools can be found through the Find an IB World School facility on the IB website. The IB program seeks to incorporate the requisite life-skills in students across the world so they can become active and compassionate citizens
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